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Video Inspection

What do your air ducts look like from the inside? You might be surprised at what a video inspection can find! Air Essential Duct Cleaning offers air duct video inspection services for residential and commercial customers. Our innovative video inspections use cutting-edge technology to get a close look at your ducts and detect accumulations, debris, and any other obstructions. Our professionals can reveal the inside of your ducts to you without ever getting dirty!

Why Professional Duct Video Inspection?

A professional duct video inspection can help to identify hidden dangers in your air ducts, including:

  • Asbestos: This was a common type of insulation used in homes until the connection between asbestos and severe negative health problems was uncovered. Asbestos is a cause of mesothelioma, a type of cancer, as well as lung cancer.
  • Mold and Fungi: Mold, mildew, and fungi lead to a whole host of health issues, as well as eventual structural damage to your home. Inhaling mold spores in any amount can irritate seasonal allergies and indoor allergies, and eventually lead to severe health problems.
  • Lint: Dryer lint can build up and become a major fire hazard over time.

Professional video duct inspection also allows you to see exactly what is in your vents before you invest in a full duct cleaning. You’ll never have another question about what could be lurking in your ducts again!

The Hypervac Cobraview Video Inspection Camera

This advanced tool allows Air Essential’s duct inspection professionals to get a detailed look at the space inside of your ducts. The camera is high-resolution and completely waterproof, so it can stand up to any situation that’s going on inside of your vents. We offer video inspection of both traditional ductwork and flexible ductwork.