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Why Eliminating Pet Dander from the Air in Your Home is Crucial for Your Health

We love our furry friends, but it's important to clean up after them!

We love our furry friends, but it’s important to clean up after them!

Pet dander is a major source of indoor air pollution and a key allergy trigger for many people. Eliminating it from the air in your home is not only a great way to improve your indoor air quality but it could also keep you healthier.

What Is Pet Dander?

Pet dander is the tiny (sometimes microscopic) particles of skin shed by anything with fur or feathers, including cats, dogs, rodents, and birds. Other pet allergens can come from the saliva or even from the urine or feces of the animals that dries and flakes off into the air. These tiny particles are often too small to see but they are big enough to cause a reaction for anyone who is allergic to them. The most common allergens come from cats and dogs, which are also the most common pets: 27% of US homes have at least one cat and 32% have at least one dog. While the fur on these pets can carry other allergens (like dust or pollen), the fur itself is usually not an allergy trigger, the dander is, so even hairless or shorthaired pets can pose a problem.

How Do Pet Allergens Affect Us?

Pet allergens are very small and lightweight, and they have a jagged shape. Because of this, they can remain suspended in the air longer than other allergens like dust. They also readily stick to clothes and furniture, so they are easily transported to rooms, or even to other buildings, where the pet never goes. For people who are allergic, breathing in the dander starts the problem. The concentration of pet dander needed to cause a reaction varies from person to person, as do the symptoms of the reaction.

How do we control them?

Pet dander can stick around even when the animals are no longer there, on furniture, carpets, and even in the dust in your vents. If you are keeping the pet, keep them out of the bedroom(s) of anyone who is allergic, and try to keep them off the rugs and furniture. Additionally, clean often, and thoroughly (including your vents and ducts) to remove as much of the dander as possible and purify your air.

Let Air Essential Keep Your Home Healthy with Clean and Purified Air

At Air Essential Duct Cleaning, we know that no two homes or businesses in this community are the same, and we are always striving to provide the highest quality of service to our clients as if they are our own family. In doing this, we also aim to give back to the community throughout the year by participating in local charities and fundraising opportunities. In addition to serving our clients and all of their air service needs, we are continuing to grow as a locally owned company and family business in the Baltimore area with the goal of keeping your air clean and healthy. If you are ready to make your home or office a healthier space to live and breathe, contact our team of professionals today at 410-960-6135 or email us at

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