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Air Fogging

Air fogging is a powerful disinfecting procedure that can be performed as part of your air duct cleaning or by itself. We use an advanced air cleaner to kill airborne bacteria that could be harmful to your family’s health. With standalone duct cleaning services, the germs and odors taken out of your ducts can still linger in the air for a great deal of time. By adding in air fogging, you can remove bacteria, disease, odors, pollen, dirt, debris, and airborne pollutants in an instant.

Why Air Fogging?

Air fogging offers a whole host of benefits to residential and commercial property owners, including:

  • Freshening up the air in your home, which is especially nice during the spring months when outdoor and indoor allergies are acting up and the winter months when the inside of a home can get stuffy
  • Reducing the chances of illness spreading in an office or commercial space
  • Improving the quality of your indoor air by taking out airborne bacteria and allergens

B&G Fogger Technology

We utilize B&G fogger technology to complete our air fogging projects. These small but powerful machines can tackle the tiniest residential and largest commercial projects with ease. We utilize EnviroCon antimicrobial treatments to improve your air quality.

Why do our customers love EnviroCon antimicrobial treatments so much?

  • EnviroCon does not contain any harmful, non-eco-friendly cleaning agents
  • EnviroCon cleaning products are free from phenols, perfumes, alcohol, chlorine, bromodiols, and masking agents
  • EnviroCon is not flammable
  • You, your family, and your pets will not need to leave your home while air fogging takes place, as it is completely safe
  • Any residual moisture from the process will evaporate within a half hour of the service being completed

In addition to EnviroCon, we also offer deodorizing with a fogging cleanser called Odor Kill. Odor kill takes the stench out of any foul odors and replaces it with a fresh scent to leave your house smelling great. For a deeper deodorizer related to fire damage and cigarette smoke, please give us a call at 410-960-6135 to learn more as this process is a bit more extensive.